1st Grade
Mrs. Betty Broadrick
Ms. Broadrick
Betty M. Broadrick, M.Ed. (Mrs. "B")

Mrs. Broadrick has been an educator since 1989, with a current Oklahoma Standard Teaching Certification and an Oklahoma K-8 Principal Certification.

Her teaching assignments have ranged from grades 1 through 12 and administration duties have also included training adults.

She believes that children should first be taught to love God and others, and to do their very best at all times. She has high expectations for each one of them, and appreciates the wonderful support from the staff, parents, and the church.

She loves God's children of all ages and has a passion for teaching and learning.

During the pastor's new member class at Messiah Lutheran Church, the online spiritual gifts test she took revealed that her top three spiritual gifts are: Faith, Administration, and Teaching. She said that it was a great class and she learned much from it.

Mrs. B. enjoys: morning devotion time with her husband, Nathan, spending quality time with family and friends, reading/writing, watching (clean) funny movies, and listening to K-Love.

First Grade Overview

Your first grader will start mastering the fundamentals of literacy and mathematics. Integrated throughout the day is faith education as students learn to put God first and foremost in their thoughts, words, and actions.

We use the Macmillan McGraw-Hill Reading Treasures Program. Through combined instruction in phonics and whole language, students work to increase their vocabulary, comprehension, and reading fluency as well as building skills and strategies for reading.

Several times each week individual students or small groups meet with the teacher to practice more specific skills tailored to individual reading skills. During this time, other students will be working independently in centers on literacy activities.

The basic skills of writing are taught to encompass an introduction to grammar, proper capitalization, punctuation, and form. Students will have time during the school day to work on writing that they choose as well as assignments from the teacher that emphasize the writing process. The Four Square Writing Method was adopted in 2014-15.

Proper handwriting is taught at school and must also be practiced at home. (See the alphabet example in your child’s binder for upper and lower case letter formation).

We use the Saxon Incremental Program to emphasize math concepts, process skills, and problem solving. The use of manipulatives are incorporated to provide a developmentally appropriate, hands-on way for children to learn patterns; number recognition/sense; counting by ones, twos, fives, and tens; basic geometry and money; measurement, graphs, calendar concepts, as well as addition and subtraction of single and double digit numbers.

Christian education is the foundation for everything that goes on in the school and classroom. The Concordia Publishing House series, Voyages is one of the resources used for instruction in God’s Word.  Students are asked to memorize selected Bible verses each week and The Ten Commandments by the end of the year. We attend chapel as a school once a week.

The Scott-Foresman Series is used to guide instruction. Students explore the world around them focusing on physical, life, and Earth/space science. They do this through experimentation and inquiry with technology and hands-on activities. 


Emphasis is placed on student character building, people, places, environment, patriotism, choices, and family. Some projects will be utilized in this area of study, meaning that students will enter into in-depth studies of topics of their interest as a whole class for extended periods of time.

SPECIALS: Physical Education, Music, Art, Computers

Download File 1st Grade Reading Log
This form is the reading log for the 1st Grade class. These are to be handed in every Monday with their 100 minutes.

Download File 1st Grade Accelerated Reading Quiz Slips
Use this AR Quiz Slip when your child is ready to take a quiz.

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