2nd Grade
Ms. Kathy Cade
Ms. Cade
Ms. Kathy Cade has been teaching 2nd grade at Messiah Lutheran School since 2005, but has been involved in education for the past twenty-five years. She has a passion for reading, and attends several reading workshops and seminars each year.

Ms. Cade believes that all students have the right to learn to read, and that teachers have the responsibility to teach their students to read. “Teach a child to read and he can go anywhere and do anything!” is her motto.


2nd Grade Overview

At Messiah we recognize that each child is an individual and we strive to accommodate the individual needs of our students. In second grade we are looking at children who are truly trying to be independent learners. We are sensitive to this need and allow the students space, time and assistance in developing this independence. By working together we will see all students rise to their potential.


Grade Level Goals


  • Mastery of addition and subtraction facts through 18
  • Add and subtract 2 digit numbers with and without regrouping
  • Identifying fractional parts through eighths
  • Measuring using inches, feet, centimeters, and meters
  • Counting coins and bills up to $4.99
  • Telling time in 5-minute intervals
  • Collect, organize, and graph data
  • Identify geometric shapes and solids
  • Solve word problems


  • Read, comprehend, and identify different genres of literature
  • Identify different story elements
  • Use a variety of reading strategies (context, pictures, and phonetic clues)
  • Learning to infer, conclude, and generalize
  • Identify a purpose for reading
  • Read for enjoyment

Language Arts

  • Write a story with a distinct beginning, middle, and end
  • Plan, write, and edit various forms of writing (stories, poems, articles, biographies)
  • Speak, write, and listen for different purposes
  • Use appropriate grammar in writing and speaking


  • Learn to use the scientific method
  • Use reading skills (cause and effect, sequencing, predicting, concluding) to understand science
  • Learn science process skills (observe, classify, estimate & measure, infer, predict, make hypotheses, collect and interpret data, investigate and experiment)
  • Use science tools (goggles, hand lens, magnets, stopwatch, thermometer, balance, measuring tools)
  • Compare how living things help each other, differ, and grow
  • Discover Earth’s natural resources, how weather changes, and how we can learn about the Earth long ago
  • Explore matter, energy, forces and motion, and sound
  • Investigate Earth and space
  • Discover ways technology helps us in our daily lives


  • Learn the importance of personal hygiene, good nutrition, exercise and safety
  • Identify steps that can be taken to prevent disease
  • Identify ways technology helps us to maintain good health

Social Studies

  • Read maps and globes
  • Identify land forms (oceans, streams, mountains, hills, valleys)
  • Identify neighborhoods, communities, cities, states, countries, continents
  • Discuss local, national, and world history, and its effect on the present and future of our society
  • Identify the need for rules and laws
  • Identify the ways of making economic choices for producers, consumers, goods and services
  • Investigate cultures of the past and present, and how they influence our values, behavior, families, communities and governments
  • Understand and respect the differences and similarities of all people

Organizational Skills

Second Grade is a great time to begin learning to use organizational skills. The students want to be independent so teaching organization is a “first step.” We use a “binder system” in Second Grade. “The Binder” helps the students get notes home to parents, keeps homework in one place so it gets home and back to school, and also keeps memory work and planners all in one place. It is a wonderful tool!

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