MLS Families

How can you help Messiah Lutheran School?  There are ways to help that don’t cost you anything extra and can even help the environment by recycling!

Please save the following items and bring them to the boxes next to the gym.   Each product has a labeled drawer in the box, so please bag them separately before placing them in the drawers.  Contact the school office at 405-946-0462 with any questions or if you would like to help with counting, packaging and mailing for the different programs.

 Amazon Smile

Amazon*NEW* By using Amazon Smile, you can have 0.5% of every purchase donated to Messiah Lutheran School.  Use your existing Amazon account and sign up at  You only have to sign up once, but make sure you visit each time you make an Amazon purchase.

Best Choice Save-A-Label:  Save UPCs from any Best Choice products.  We receive 3¢ for each UPC.  Please cut out the UPC. Do not send the entire label.  Visit for more information.

Box TopsBox Tops for Education:   Save the Box Tops from General Mills (Betty Crocker, Ziploc, Pillsbury, Green Giant, Hefty, and many more).  We receive 10¢ for each Box Top.  Please trim the Box Tops on the dotted line.  A participating product's list is HERE.  Visit for more information and special offers. 

Buy for LessBuy for LessBuy For Less Receipts:  Save Buy For Less Grocery Receipts.  We must have the entire receipt, not just the total cut from the bottom.  Receipts must be dated September 1 – March 31 of the current school year.  We get points to shop in a catalog in May. For more info, click HERE

HomelandHomeland Dollars for Schools:   Register Messiah as your school and when you use your Homeland One Card, we receive bonus checks.  Visit  (“In the Community” link at bottom left) for more information. 

~ Pick the school you want to support. MESSIAH'S NUMBER IS: 64065
~ Use your Homeland One Card next time you make a purchase and ask the cashier to type in your school's ID number.
~ Every time you use that Homeland One Card the school you chose gets credit.
~ The school of record the last day of the trimester (August 31st, November 30th and February 28th) is the school that will receive credit for the entire trimester.

Labels for EducationLabels for Education:  Save UPCs from participating products including Campbell’s, Post, Pepperidge Farms and many more.  These will give us points that we use to buy supplies for the school.  A participating product's list is HERE.  Visit for more information and special offers.

Office DepotMy School's Cool at Quail Springs Mall:  Get involved with other members of the community and take advantage of programs happening at Quail Springs Mall.

Save your receipts when you shop or dine at Quail Springs Mall and outlying restaurants. Collection for these receipts is on the bulletin board to the right of the school office.

My School's Cool is a specialty community-driven program committed to building relationships with local schools. The program allows schools to compete for much needed funds when school supporters shop at Quail Springs Mall. Schools will compete with each other for the highest accumulation of points and earn cash rewards totaling $25,000! SEND YOUR RECEIPTS TO YOUR SCHOOL.

Office DepotOffice Depot:  Use Messiah’s ID #70122110 when you check-out and 5% of your qualifying purchase will be given to the school on an Office Depot Card.  Visit (“5% Back to Schools” link at bottom left) for more information.

Paper RecyclingPaper Recycling:  Save newspapers, magazines, catalogs, office paper and junk mail and place in the green and yellow Paper Retriever bins in the parking lot by the school playground.  We can even take shredded paper in bags. We get $5/ton. If we can get over four tons in a month, we get $15/ton. Please no cardboard or phone books. 

Target Take Charge of Education:
  Register Messiah #151933 as your school and when you use your Target REDCard, we receive 1% of your purchase.  This program will end in May 2016, but you can still sign up. Visit for more information



Text Box:  Dear Church Family,
When you buy gift cards through Scrip, a percentage of the costs are automatically donated to Messiah Lutheran School.  Just choose the stores or restaurants where you, your friends, and your family members shop and eat and purchase a corresponding gift card.  You receive the full value of the card and the school gets a percentage of the price.   Gift cards can be used for your own everyday purchases, and they also make great gifts.  Either way, the school benefits, and so do you!
Text Box:  There are two ways to order your gift cards: 

  1. Fill out the order form and return with your payment.  Checks should be written to MLS Scrip. Orders made by Sunday will be placed on the following Tuesday. Cards will arrive and be delivered in fewer than two weeks.
  2. Place your own order online at  by using our school code: LF6E48FA27L14.  There are several additional businesses available when you order online.  Please note that your order will not be processed until you submit payment to the Scrip coordinator or on the website through PrestoPay.

Text Box:  Order forms and a drop-off box will available in the Narthex. Click HERE to download an Order Form in the Excel spreadsheet format.
If you have questions about the Scrip program, feel free to contact Suzanne Gert, your Scrip Coordinator, at  
Text Box:  Text Box: